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HomeStretch can be used by anyone seeking any type of treatment that a Physical Therapist can offer. This may include but not limited to: Body Stretching, Injury treatment, Cupping, therapeutic massage, dry needling, KT taping, pain relief modalities, exercise prescriptions, etc.

Every Physical Therapist that becomes a provider on the HomeStretch app has a full background check and must go through PT licensure and insurance verification.

HomeStretch accepts major credit cards, Pay Pal and Apple Pay through the application using a secure payment processor.


Each provider will have a profile that lists contact information you can use after booking an appointment.


If you feel that you need clearance from your PCP or other healthcare professional (HCP) in order to receive a service provided by a Physical Therapist then it is your responsibility to obtain that clearance and provide it to the PT. If unsure, the PT can help you determine whether a service is appropriate for you or not and even help refer you to the right HCP if necessary.


All minors under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present for service and/or have signed a consent waiver (by the parent/guardian) prior to a service. The PT will be able to provide the consent waiver.


No. HomeStretch does not take any insurance payment whether it is medicare or any commercial payer.



Active PT licensure, Active personal/professional liability insurance including general, a clean background check (provided by HomeStretch)

HomeStretch uses Stripe ( to direct deposit payments to your account, you will need to set up a stripe account.


Active PT licensure, Active personal/professional liability insurance including general, a clean background check (provided by HomeStretch)


Currently, to see clients with Medicare the services are limited to being labeled “Wellness” or “Fitness”, if your service with these clients falls under these titles then cash pay is accepted. Otherwise we cannot treat a medicare patient for services that would be “covered” skilled therapy services. A PT is able to accept cash pay otherwise with regards to clients having commercial insurance but needs to be aligned with their respective State Practice Act guidelines.


If a service is booked and you do not feel completely comfortable with who, where,or  what is being performed in a given location then you are not obligated to carry out the service. You have complete autonomy to refuse the service if you do not feel comfortable with the situation.


All providers are independent contractors. You will receive a 1099 tax form. Taxes are paid independently by the provider.


Absolutely! That’s the point! We just ask that you tag HomeStretch in your marketing.


Absolutely! As mentioned above we just ask that you tag HomeStretch. HomeStretch holds the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate.


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