How does it work?

What the HomeStretch App Can do for you

PT’s offer a full menu based on their skills, all conveniently deliverable to you, whenever you are ready. The HomeStretch app was developed to allow PTs to reach any client, regardless of insurance status, or mobility limitations in the comfort of their home. The app is easy to download, and easy to set up for the client. You choose your location, review the available HomeStretch PTs in your area, review their services offered, and their pricing, and schedule your appointment request. The app is designed for In-App purchases so you can pay directly through the app with a credit card, Apple or Google Pay or PayPal.

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In-Home Physical Therapy


Cupping and IASTM

Myofascial Decompression (cupping) to address muscle knotting, tension, or soreness.

Injury Screening

Therapist will assess your pain and be able to offer manual therapy and/or corrective exercise.

KT Taping or Rock Taping

Review of why body part needs taping and what client is trying to achieve with the KT tape.


Therapist can create a workout routine to achieve any specific goal.

Lower Body Stretch

Hands on, manual stretching of Lumbar spine Both hips, knees and ankles.

Pregame Stretch

Body stretching to target the muscles that will be used in your upcoming event.